Saturday, 30 November 2013

eccomerce online is unfair

line eCommerce being destroyed I think so? Is the government concerned? bothered? No they are not they do not want to do anything because it is the big company's or rather monopolies who are winning and that suits them just fine if it was the other way around however and small businesses lots of them were ruling how it should be the government would do all they can to destroy them. But at the moment the government will not do anything because it is exactly what they want. So small businesses cannot do well on the internet because of big companies like amazon and ebay dominating everything. On google to google uses these websites to fill up the top results EVERY SINGLE TIMES! so that small businesses must bid on adwords just to be seen. as google now rules the internet. This means that small businesses will work for nothing giving their profits to google and or any other big company just to be noticed online what swines.